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Can I assist clients with housing matters?  

Unfortunately, I lack the resources and contacts to facilitate clients’ placement in low-income, affordable, or supportive housing.

What can gestalt therapy do for me?  

This is a huge question to answer in such a short FAQ.  Nevertheless, gestalt therapy is not about being changed by the therapist or interpreting clients’ dreams, thoughts, or drives.  It is a present-oriented therapy that facilitates awareness of what you are doing to meet your needs through experiments. Such experiments are designed to move from one possibility of meeting your needs to many. With this, the old story of how you "should be" will be challenged, allowing you to meet your needs in new ways.  For a more comprehensive explanation of gestalt therapy, I recommend reading The Gestalt Therapy Book by Joel Latner, Ph.D.

What are your fees?  

I understand that psychotherapy is expensive, especially when faced with the immense financial stress and uncertainty experienced by many people.  Rather than be wedded to a specific fee, I would like to have a conversation with you to determine what is affordable.  Ideally, this discussion will allow our needs to be met.

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